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Adding dynamic data elements to your templates (clips or placeholders)

One of the powerful aspects of NinjaCat is that we allow you to use the same template across multiple accounts in your agency so that you can reduce the number of templates that you maintain. To personalize these templates, NinjaCat allows you to use the following place holders in your template to dynamically add individual information for each account as you run your reports.

To add these "Clips" to your text widget, start by adding a Typography widget to your template:



Double-click into the text widget to start adding text, then click on the "Clips" toolbar button:




Here are all of the clips that are currently available:



Clip name Code
Account Owner  {{account_owner}}
Agency {{agency}}
Account {{account}}
Agency Logo {{agency_logo}}
Account Logo {{account_logo}}
Account Owner Picture  {{account_owner_picture}}
Run Date {{run_date}}
This Month {{this_month}}
This Month and Year {{this_month_and_year}}
This Year {{this_year}}
Last Month {{last_month}}
Last Month and Year {{last_month_and_year}}
Last Year {{last_year}}
Report Start Date {{report_start_date}}
Report End Date {{report_end_date}}
This Month Range {{this_month_range}}
Account Group Depending on your configuration
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