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Oct 10 2017: New Yext integration

New Features

  • Yext Integration
    • Yext is now available as a data source. Note that this is a relatively slow data provider. There are two compatibility groups, thus certain dimensions and metrics are available when selected. For example, Four Squared metrics will only be available when Four Squared dimensions are selected
  • Template Editor - Support Account Setting - Keywords
    • When adding Google Search Console (GSC) as a data source, you can now configure the data from GSC to be filtered by a keyword.
    • Keywords are set on an advertiser level in the Advertiser settings > Advanced tab.
    • Keyword filtering works with all mapping settings and with account groups.
    • There are 5 different filtering options:

Bug Fixes

  • Google My Business - format metrics as integers
  • Call Tracking - Add "Hour of Day" as an aggregatable dimension
    • If you now add both Call Tracking and Adword datasources to a widget, you will be able to add the "Hour of Day" dimension.
    • This dimension will appear as an integer, ie 23
  • Report with data error is not being rerun on the next cycle
    • Now any report that was run and resulted in a "Data Error" or "Critical Error" will get rerun on the next cycle.
  • Hotfix Environment - Reports - Any report that runs shows up in data error/critical error status
    • Reports ran in the hotfix environment were returning errors for their status and this is no longer occurring.
  • AdWords - Label Report
    • "Ad group criteria count" is called "Keywords" in Big Goal Performance Report.

  • Label name is not working
    • Adwords dimensions containing the word "Label" were returning errors.
  • Expand the size of the report email body
    • Emails sent with reports can now contain 1,000 characters.
    • Reporting>Reports> Edit a report> There is a bigger area to see the body.
  • Centro site name missing using site name dimension.
    • Using the dimension "Site Name" was returning a blank label and now it is properly displaying the actual site domain.

  • Call Tracking Rating Filter filters aggregate as well
    • Now when you filter by rating it will filter at the row level first before it aggregates
  • Zapier Metrics Disappearing from All Widgets in a Template
  • Date Range Error with Double Click/AUS timezone
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