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Sept 27 2017: Hotfix Release

Improvements/New Features

New Integration: - Simpli.Fi  

  • Margins will be included
  • The Simpli.Fi API is extremely slow. It is worth taking note of the length of time it takes to make the API call. This is not a result from NinjaCat. Suggested workaround for Simpli.Fi would be to set up reports to run early in the day on a scheduled basis.
  • PDF Previews are subject to a “504 Timeout” this is something that we are looking to improve but this is not actually a bug.

Agency toggle for using phone number mappings within Shinobi Reports

  • We have added a toggle within Account>Settings>Call Tracking which will control if the Phone Number Mappings will be used to display in Shinobi Reports.
  • If the Toggle is on it will use the Phone Number mappings (previous behaviour) and if it is off, Shinobi reports will ignore the phone number mappings set.

Legacy Margins change of placement

  • All legacy margins that were previously moved to the network advertiser level during our 2.5 release on September 19th, 2017 will be moved to the advertiser level, if and only if there are no margins that exists on the advertiser level.

Google Sheet Mapping - Allow for single mapping across multiple google sheets

  • This enhancement was done in order to meet the desire of being able to use only 1 mapping but referencing other sheets from the same or other spreadsheets and assigning them and the advertiser level.
  • Now when creating a mapping you all of the same tabs are still there as was defined in the 2.5 release notes.   All the information that was entered into the Information, Dimensions, and Metrics tab will remain in tact.  The sheet information that was/is entered into the “Information” tab will be considered the “Default” selection.
  • Now if you have multiple sheets that you would like to be used under the same mapping you can go and now visit our new tab called “Connections”
  • Here you will now be able to enter individual connections by giving a unique name (unique per mapping), the “Google Spread Sheet” of choice within your network and a “Google Sheet”
  • Once you have created your connections and would like to use them you can go to the advertiser of your choice and select to add a google sheets advertiser network.  The main mapping that was created with connections will only show up in the Google Sheet Mapping” dropdown if at least 1 connection was created.  Upon selecting this mapping, you may leave the connection field using the “default” value (which is the information that is located in the “Information” tab of the mapping) OR select one of the named connections.  The Connection dropdown will show your connection listing the unique name, the spreadsheet and sheet selection
  • End Result?  If within the template editor you assign this mapping that has multiple connections, dependent on the advertiser that you select, the data that will  be specific to that spreadsheet/sheet that was specified for that advertiser.


NinjaTrack - Bandwidth recording (on start) doesn’t record until after greeting is played

  • If your agency NinjaTrack setting is set to record from ringing and your tracking number is set to record the call, than the call will be recorded right from the beginning of the greeting to the caller all the way until the call has been completed

Google Sheets data source should work like Zapier where it should always appear on the template editor list

  • Now, the “Google Sheets” datasource will always appear on the template editor list whether or not an advertiser network has been connected or not, just like Zapier and Call Tracking

Mapping is not working properly with account groups

  • If you select a data source and assign account grouping to it, then any advertiser network that is sharing both the mapping as well as the account group will appear within the widget.  

GA dimension Device Type from old templates may need to be re-added

  • Existing templates will no longer need to be updated to utilize the “Device Type” dimension. They will be labeled with the updated labels from the 2.5 release: Computers, Devices, Mobile Devices, Unknown

 Network Issue- Reporting- Search Console showing incorrect date ranges.

  • Correct date ranges are now being displayed.  The “from” date will now display the day that has been selected.

Google My Business: report fails if review has a reply.

Command Center - Dashboard Icon has the wrong colour, doesn't match setting icon and needs text.

  • Updated the Dashboard icon within the Command Center to include the text “Dashboard” and to match the hue to the settings icon.


TradeDesk CPM wrong calc

  • Now showing the correct values for CPM.  Previously they were returning 0s.

Graph label shows too many decimal point places

  • Labels are now showing 2 decimal places

 Legacy KPI

  • Remove Email notifications
  • Include in Reports/Dashboards

FB Ads and FB Insights considered as same data source and receiving Duplicate Network error message.

  • When you switch to a different network and then switch back mapping will be removed.
  • You can only add one network without any mapping, even if it is different networks.
  • You can now add shared networks (i.e. Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights, Twitter, DoubleClick) with the same mapping (or without a mapping).

PDF preview can not be rendered due to the fact that post contains escaped HTML characters

  • If you have a Facebook post that appears in your template editor widget which includes HTML characters, the widget will now render properly within the PDF.  Previously, the widget was rendering within the template editor but would show up blank within the PDF even if there were other pages and widgets.

Account group/custom field pulling back advertiser network with deleted advertiser

  • When pulling data from multiple data sources into a single widget, data is only pulled from active accounts. Once accounts are deleted, data associated with that account will not be displayed.

Dimensions filter are not visible for brand new mappings

  • When creating a brand new widget using a brand new mapping for zapier or google sheets, both dimensions and metrics are not visible when you would like to filter

Changing Mapping when widget has custom metric used from multiple data sources freezes the window

  • You are now able to change mappings without your window freezing whether or not your current widget has a custom calculated metric that uses both data sources

Adwords - Search Impression Share metric incorrect when multiple Data Sources have been added

  • When using multiple data sources, metric calculations are now performed on relevant metrics only.
  • Please note that some metrics are calculated by Shinobi, while others are calculated by vendors and then sent to us. Thus, different views of similar data may sometimes be off.

Deleted Shinobi reports and/or Deleted accounts not respecting user permissions

  • If a report is associated to an account that has been deleted, this report should not be seen by a user that doesn’t have permission to see that account

Data source of the same type are sharing compatibility filters

  • When selecting 2 of the same networks within a widget the filter should not be sharing compatibility based on metric selected for one of them but should behave on their own.  The specific filter should not be available for one but should be available for the other.
  • Example: If you select a widget with 2 Adwords and select clicks as metric for one of them, the available filter of conversion name should be available to one of them and not for the other.

Google Sheets not adhering to edited Data Source name

  • Now if you edit the data source name that name will appear within the widget when selecting “data source” as a dimension

Add Display Name to NinjaTrack Email

  • If Email Notifications are enabled and there is a display name, that will now appear within the NinjaTrack Notification Email.

Legacy google sheet mapping is not appearing in the correct advertiser.

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