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Misc - Sept. 19 2017: AdWords, Bing, and Facebook Margins Updates Video

8 minute video detailing how to set up the new margins feature


Additional details from the Sept. 19th release notes:


Agency/Account Settings -Ability to add Historical Margins by Month

  • With Shinobi templates and dashboards, margins can now be set on 3 levels:
    1. Agency level - Setup > Agency Settings > Margins > Select source > Set date and values

    2. Account level - Accounts > Find account from list > Open account > Settings > Margins > Select source > Set date and values

    3. Account data source level - Accounts > Click on desired account from list > Click on the connected Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or Google Adwords data source > Margins

  • NOTE: Only Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook sources are currently supported by margins.

  • Overrides:
    1. Account data source settings override Account settings which in turn override Agency settings
    2. Values with most recent start date override values with an older start date.
    3. Note that the override hierarchy takes precedence over date overrides. For example, if a setting on an agency level has a start date of August, and an account level setting has a start date of June → account values would still be used.
    4. Google Adwords margins can be set for search, video and display networks at each level (Agency, Account, Account network).
  • Margins are applied to historical data by start date. Margin rates are set to be to calculated from a given start date. If a different rate is applied with a more recent time period, a new margin calculation will be applied to data from the start date of the recent period.
  • For Legacy dashboards and reports, the most recent date on the list on the account level will be used for all data. As a workaround to make sure that at all times the legacy data will apply the intended margins, add a start date of one in the future, such as 2080. This way, you will guarantee that this margin will be applied as it will show up as the most recent one on the list.

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