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Shinobi: 3-8 minute How-To videos

Are you stuck on a particular challenge and you just want someone to walk you through how do tackle the task you are working on today?  Our quick videos are designed to be just that - a fast reference so that you can see (and hear) someone walk through the steps you are working on in a video that you can play back at your own pace to tackle the challenges you are facing.

Here are some common tasks explained:

How to add data sources (Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.) to NinjaCat

Setting up Google Sheets Integrations

New Margins Explained

How to create a custom calculated metric

How to add assisted conversions to your report

How to add a dynamic date to your Scorecards

How to use "clips" to add dynamic data

Reporting On More than One Of the Same Data Source Per Client

How to add multiple pages to extend your tables

How to report on the same metric filtered in different ways in the same data widget

How to find advanced Call Tracking settings and map 3rd party call conversions to specific campaigns

How to add the NinjaTrack script to a Wordpress website


Are you looking for a video for a task that does not appear in the list above? Send us an email to support@ninjacat.io and we can assist you further!

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