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Custom - How to retrieve data from NinjaCat's Restful API

The NinjaCat API is an additional subscription option that can be made available to agencies upon request. Speak to your Customer Success Manager in order to have this subscription option enabled for your agency.

This API integration will allow you to grab any data from a Shinobi template and use the result data set in any other platform or API that you wish to integrate with for your agency.

At a very high level, the process looks something like this:

  1. Set up your NinjaCat Shinobi template that contains all of the data that you want to grab from NinjaCat. See Shinobi Documentation for more information on how to create report templates.
  2. Integrate with NinjaCat's Restful API. Once the API option is turned on for your agency and your API token is created, you can access the API documentation from your Agency setup screen:

  3. Use the API to make a request to collect the data from a generated report, account and date range.
  4. Ask the API whether the report is complete (use exponential backoffs).
  5. Once finished - retrieve the report from NinjaCat.
  6. Send the data from this report to any other data source or API that you wish to use with your agency.

For further information on this API, consult the API documentation from your NinjaCat interface.

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