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Aug 28, 2017: Hotfix release

Bug Fixes

Facebook Insight tables returning correct date ranges for graphs

  • Previously if the month of June was selected as the date range you would see June and July.  Now the correct data for the date range specified will appear on the graph

Template Editor - Dimension - Tablet Bid Adj. listed twice

  • You will now see “Table bid adj. (Ad Group)” and “Tablet bid adj. (Campaign)” dimensions for the Adwords Data Source

Facebook Attribution Window Not Cached Properly

  • When you are within the template editor using the Facebook Data source, having the “Action Attribution Windows” values set to Default will pull the correct values from the advertiser level.  Changing the advertiser setting will change the meaning of the “default” in the template editor and will invalidate the cache key.

Google Analytics - “Day of Week Name” dimension sorted alphabetical

  • The “day of week (name)” dimension has been deprecated.  Instead we have the dimension “Day of week” under the aggregate dimensions.
  • Now sorting will happening by day of week where Sunday has the “0” day of week value and Saturday has the “6” day of week value.

NinjaTrack Call Data Out of Order

  • NinjaTrack Calls table now sorts the date column correctly

NinjaTrack Billing Screen - cannot print account details

  • You will now be able to print the billing screen from your browser

NinjaTrack - printing receipt doesn’t work

  • You are now able to print the Ninjatrack receipt by clicking on the “Print Receipt” button after accessing a particular receipt from Setup>NinjaTrack>Billing

Canary - Templates - Unable to sort table columns

  • Now able to sort the table columns with an update to the sortable js.

Templates - Dimension - Keyword Placement Listed twice

Templates - Dimension -Custom Parameter listed twice

Custom Metrics do not work properly with comparisons

  • Previously if a custom metric had a number in the name (e.g. MET_Goal1Completions), it would always show 0% change in comparison with the previous period.  This has now been fixed.

Primary Network Flag Referenced in Wrong Places

  • The primary network flag was being referenced against those networks that never had a primary network indicator

GMB Redirect URL is wrong

  • You are now able to setup Google My Business networks as the redirect URL was incorrect

Increase Number of Google Sheets mapping from 1-100

Multi Series Graph that is using 2 dimensions should have option “Multiple Y Axes” removed

Custom field grouping not working for google sheets

Template Editor - When hovering over an error on sidebar- message is cutoff

  • If there is an error message, the message will be wrapped

Space and Time - Issue with Custom Field and Cost

  • This particular issue had to do with margins which is now fixed.

Template Editor - Facebook Ads Attribution Windows are Incomplete

  • The “none” options is now available as a selector in the “Action Attribution window” section of the template editor

Metric Overrides for Comparisons - need option to turn off Comparison Display

  • When using comparisons within data tables, we now have the option to turn off comparisons on a metric override level

Incomplete Adwords Product Partitioning Parsing

  • Legacy has updated the rules to use for parsing out products from the Adwords shopping Product Partition Performance Widget
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