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Aug 23 2017: New Integrations, Comparison tables, Multi-dimension charts + more!

Improvements/New Features

  • New Integrations:
    • Google My Business Integration in Shinobi
    • AdRoll Integration in Shinobi
    • Call Cap Integration in Shinobi
    • Zapier Integration in Shinobi
      • Upon adding the Zapier datasource to the template editor, you must add the “Zapier Key” by clicking on the pencil icon, similar to how google sheets are set up.  Likewise you must add the Dimensions and Metrics just like it is done for Google Sheets in order for those Dimensions and Metrics to appear so that they can be added to the widget. 

      • When using scorecards, even though dimensions are not chosen when creating the scorecard, you must during the setup of the widget, create the date dimension in order for the scorecard to render data when selecting the metrics.
    • Centro Integration in Shinobi
      • This API is very slow and will frequently timeout.  However, if you just select Campaign data (with no other dimension), it will be much faster as it has been made as a different API call than everything else
      • We have an API limit of 5 requests per account/hour
    • Updating Gemini to V3 in legacy
  • Multi Series Graph
    • We now have 2 variations of creatings graphs
      • 1 dimension with multiple metrics
      • 2 dimensions with a single metric
        • The first selected metric will be mapped onto the axis and the second on the legend image13.png
    • Pie charts are not supported with multi series graphs
  • Update Add Notes with “Send and Save” button
    • When you are on the annotation page of the template editor, you will now see the  “save and send” icon

    • Upon clicking this button a notification modal will appear informing the user these changes will be saved and sent to the following emails.  The list of email address will be based on the field within the report “email recipients” or if that is blank then it will take the email field from the account>settings>account page.  This notification modal will list up to 10 email address and which time an ellipsis will appear.
  • Added Comparisons to the table
    • You now have the option to add comparison only to the table widget.  The options will work just as they do with scorecards where you have the ability to set the configurations on all metrics and then with the ability to override the options on the metric level as well.
    • If any of the date dimensions are selected, this will remove the ability to add comparison to the table: Date, Month of Year, Year, Week of Year (Sunday) 

  • New Pivot Table Widget
    • You will be restricted to select only 1 dimension, however you can have as many metrics as you’d like
    • Unlike other widgets, data will not populate until an account is selected
    • The 1st column is adjustable in width
    • “Sort by” only impacts the order of the columns and not the rows
    • If all columns are not visible you will see the message “# of columns not shown”.  If the text does not fit within the allotted space you will see an ellipsie

  • Added a Report Export as CSV
    • There is now a an option to deliver reports as a CSV
    • Once the File type option is set it can not be changed later to a PDF or vice versa
    • Only Data Table widgets will be delivered
    • Dates will not be converted and left as epoch
    • If a report is to to be delivered with the CSV option, then dashboard, add notes and review options will not be available. 

  • Shinobi Chart Colors
    • You are now able to override the agency level chart colours in the Global Template Settings tab

  • New NinjaCat API - Request Report and Get Report
    • By enabling the “API” feature switch in Admin > Edit > Subscription Tab, an API tab will appear in Agency Settings which will allow you to generate a key to access NinjaCat’s RESTful API 


    • One the Key is generated, the user may access the API documentation 

    • Enabling this API will allow agencies to access NinjaCat’s RESTful API in order to request reports which will be processed based on the account, template and a date range.  The get report rest method will get the status of the report. If the report has been processed, the returning response will contain the actual data set.
  • Improve template editor load times
    • Add “Loading” screen when template editor and Annotations editor screens are loading
  • Template Themes now have a 1-to-1 relationship with templates
    • Every template is now associated to its own theme.  Changing the theme of a template will only affect the current template you are working on.
  • Removed “(Beta)” from Shinobi
    • The order of the tabs within the “Reporting” section is now dependent on the agency settings “report engine” selection.
    • Legacy Reports and Template tab will now be appended with “(Legacy)”
  • Additional Aggregatable Dimensions
    • Ad Name, Ad Group Name, Month of Year, Week of Year (Sunday) and Year Aggregatable dimensions have been added to all datasources
  • Deleted data sources now appear in the Data Sources Widget of the Command Center
    • Command Center Data Source List will now show all advertiser networks, even those with deleted API records.  In this particular case you will see the following error message “Invalid Network” if the datasource has been deleted from the agency level.

    • You will still be able to edit/delete this network.
    • Beside each network you will now be able to tell which is the “Primary” network that is pulling the data by the word “Primary” beside each advertiser network, EXCEPT Google Sheet and any Call Tracking Provider. 

    • For now, since we only allow for only one unique advertiser network for the same data source, each advertiser network that gets created will automatically be flagged with the “Primary” flag.  
  • NinjaTrack - Setting for Record Call Start
    • There is now a new setting to ninjatrack at the agency level where the agency will be able to control when recording starts.  
    • This flag is found in Setup>Ninjatrack>Settings 
    • By default all agencies will be set to “record from answer”
    • If the flag is checked, recording and duration of the call will begin once the recipient answers the call
    • If the flag is unchecked, then recording and duration of the call will begin at the beginning of the call and include the ringing
  • Campaign Groups and Campaign Grouping
    • Within Account>Settings you will now have a tab called “Campaign Groups” where you will be able to create Campaign Groups which will now be available as a dimension in only Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads and Call Tracking Data Sources. 

    • You will also be able to edit and delete these campaigns by means of the campaign groups list 

    • When editing or creating a campaign group you will have a section for each datasource to assign a campaign name or a tracking number if its for Call Tracking.  You will have an option to assign any of the 4 filter types to this Campaign group (IN, NOT IN, CONTAINS, and DOES NOT CONTAIN).  
    • Within the template editor, Campaign groups are aggregatable across the above 4 mentioned data sources and are filterable individually or in aggregate.
    • If a campaign belongs to multiple campaign groups, it will just be assigned to only one of them. 


  • Template (Beta) - API calls should not be made each time you select a filter or custom metric until the selection has been made
  • Shinobi Graphs - Integer metrics shows up as decimals on the axis
  • Shinobi Dashboards: Absolute Date range dropdown no longer shows up as Day minus 1
  • Report generation date range is off
    • The date range in the dashboard dropdown now shows the correct date based off the account’s timezone
  • Date Range Display can change based on timezone
  • Logo on Shinobi Dashboard no longer gets cut off and overlays account name on smaller screens
  • Legacy Dashboard - Call Details - Call Recording Glitch
    • Upon listening to several recordings, and then pausing them to sort or rate them will not enable the recordings to start playing at the same time over each other, it will now rather sort accordingly or rate them accordingly
  • Shinobi Report Preview for moderately large reports now works in Chrome
  • Budget - maximum length of budget has been upped to 12 characters from 6
  • Remove PDF Meta-Data of Agency Name
    • The "Title" of the PDF report will no longer be created with the Agency Name.
    • When viewing the PDF preview, the PDF title will display the template ID
    • When viewing the PDF, it will display the filename from the template editor
    • When downloading the report, it will now display the Account Name - Template Name.  
  • Caching error with Facebook has been corrected so that previewing FB data no longer causes inconsistent behaviour with some metrics
  • Bing Ads - Search Query dimension now parses Search Queries correctly
  • Graph labels sometimes displayed as being squashed or overlapping on each other
    • In order to address this issue, new axis options “Primary Metric Axis Interval”, “Primary Metric Axis Max”, “Secondary Metric Axis Interval”, and “Secondary Metric Axis Max” have been introduced in order to have more control over the spacing and presentation of the metrics.  If no value is entered it will take on the default value. 

  • Shinobi- Google Analytics- Scorecard - Sessions number is not visible when filtering by landing page
  • URLS are now clickable in Shinobi PDFs and dashboards
  • Premade Widgets - long widget names are now left justified
  • Increased custom fields limit to 10 fields
  • Inviting a user that has the same username as an existing user is not being handled properly
    • In the case where there is an existing legacy user that has a username which is different than their email and you try to invite a new user with that same email, you will now receive a proper validation message informing that this email is in use and to use the forgot password option instead.
  • NinjaTrack: Turned off spam check for Australia calls
  • NinjaTrack: Australian 1800 / 1300 number are now formatted as
    • 61 1800 xxx xxx  
    • 61 1300 xxx xxx
  • Discrepancy with Call Tracking in Shinobi Reports
    • If there are no phone number mappings in Advanced account settings, you will see all NinjaTrack + 3rd Party Numbers connected to the account
    • If numbers are mapped, only those 3rd party numbers and all NinjaTrack numbers will appear in Shinobi reports
    • If numbers are mapped but do not map to a network (Google/Bing), then that number will be considered an ORGANIC call in Shinobi reports
    • If numbers are mapped with a network mapping, then that number will be considered a PPC call in Shinobi reports
  • Twitter Ads data error - both Legacy and Shinobi
    • Previously if an account had more than 200 campaigns, only the first 200 were being pulled, which prevented data from being shown after the first 200.
    • Now Legacy supports up to 1,000 campaigns and Shinobi is unlimited
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