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July 17 2017: Hotfix release

New Features

  • Add Custom Metric Filters
    • In order to add a filter using a custom metric, the custom metric must first be created as a metric in the same widget.
    • If you don’t want to see the custom metric within the widget you are able to hide the custom metric (using the “hide” toggle) but still have the custom metric filter applied
    • If you delete the custom metric, the custom metric filter will be deleted as well
  • CallRail V2 Account + Company Update
    • Added support for CallRail to handle optional company associations on top of account associations.

Bug Fixes

  • Legacy: New Executive summaries will no longer appear in the report if all data are zeros.
  • Users without Manage Networks permission can now connect to Twitter Organic nor DBM if they are connected at the agency level
  • Command Center - NinjaTrack Call Data - changing date range makes calls data disappear or show data from other accounts
  • Fixed a bug that corrected Search Console account filters
  • Tradedesk data error - Data not pulling in for PI2 and PI5 metrics
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