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Getting Started - Copying and pasting in Shinobi template editor

Widgets and pages can be copied and pasted between two different templates in the Shinobi template editor, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The two templates being copied are being opened in separate tabs of the same browser window.
  2. The two templates being copied are loaded from the same web domain (eg. one of: app.mymarketingreports.com, reports.yourdomain.com or app.ninjacat.io, but never a combination)
  3. The template being copied FROM is opened first, and the template being copied TO is opened last.
  4. Widgets can only be copied and pasted as a new widget.
  5. Pages can only be copied and pasted as a new page.

To copy a page, right-click on the page and select Copy:


Navigate to the section in your template where you want the page inserted, then right-click on an existing page to either paste the new page Above or Below the current location:



To copy a widget, use the same process as above, but right-click on the widget itself in order to copy the widget:


To paste the copied widget to a new page, right-click on any blank space in the template editor to paste the new widget:


Widgets and pages can also be copied and pasted from within the annotations editor for a single report only. 

A few additional notes about copying and pasting:

  • Hotkeys (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V) do not work
  • Dragging and dropping pages and widgets from one page to a new page does not work
  • copy/paste widgets or pages between incognito mode and non incognito mode does not work
  • copy/paste widgets or pages between the template editor and the annotations editor does not work
  • copy/paste widgets or pages from another instance of the annotations editor does not work
  • copying a widget or page in the annotations editor, then closing and reopening the annotations editor to paste does not work
  • copy/pasting widgets and pages within the annotations editor should work
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