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Aug 8 2017 - Hotfix release

Bug Fixes:

  • Facebook Caching Issues
    • This particular fix addressed including the Facebook Campaign filter in the cache key.
    • Using Account Grouping will now show correct data and not be cached for the account selected in the template editor.
  • Facebook - added Product ID dimension
  • Facebook - advertiser network advertise list doesn’t work
    • The list of Facebook networks were not being populated in the drop-down list when trying to create an advertiser network.  This has now been fixed by updating the API version.
  • NinjaTrack - intermittent outages from failure to load ringtone
    • Previously some calls were being dropped before a connection to the final destination could be made.  This has now been fixed.
  • NinjaTrack - Busy Handling
    • Now  when the end line is busy the caller will actually here the busy signal and not just get disconnected.
  • Century Interactive - Token field should be API ID
    • Token field has been renamed to “API ID”
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