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Getting Started - 30-Minute NinjaCasts: Shinobi Templates & Reports

Join our 30-minute Shinobi webinars and learn how to turn dull client reports into stunning presentations! We’ll provide all levels of training on our next generation template builder and report/dashboard designer, from 101 sessions to deeper dives into key features. 

For more information, see the Shinobi Documentation section of our knowledge base. 

Live Webinars:

Feb 14
Falling in Love with Your New Dashboard
<View On Demand>

Feb 28
What's New? Latest & Greatest from NinjaCat in February
<View On Demand>

Mar 14
Making Amazing Graphs
<View On Demand>

Mar 28
What's New? Latest & Greatest from NinjaCat in March

Apr 11
Tips for Tantalizing Tables

Apr 25
What's New? Latest & Greatest from NinjaCat in April

On Demand Webinars:

What's new? Latest & Greatest from NinjaCat in January (2018)
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Shinobi Templates & Reports 101
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Dashboards 101
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Templates: PPC
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Templates: Social
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Templates: Analytics
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Reports: Design Considerations
<View On Demand>

Shinobi Roll-up Reporting
<View On Demand>

Filtering in Shinobi
<View On Demand>

Why should you develop your new reports on Shinobi and consider migrating your existing reports?

  1. WYSIWYG template builder is easier: What you see is what you get! Gone are the days of blindly developing a template, creating a report, running the report to see how it looks, tweaking the template, running the report, tweaking the template... you get the idea. With Shinobi, as you design a template you can preview it with any account's data.
  2. Insane flexibility:
    • Think of it as Powerpoint for digital agencies with built-in data integrations
    • Create any configuration of charts, tables and scorecards on a page (side-by-side; quadrants, etc.)
    • Include a chart for anything - yes - even Facebook and Google Sheets
    • Add custom calculated metrics. For example, take cost per lead from a Google sheet and multiply by number of leads from Facebook to come up with total cost)
    • Combine any data sources. For example, create a table with PPC data from Bing and revenue data from Google Analytics; label and resize columns as you wish Create roll-up reports. For example, report on more than one AdWords account in a single report (or Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, etc. account). Perfect for franchise owners.
  3. Night and day in terms of visual appearance
  4. Deliver your reports via pdf or online dashboard

Get the most value out of your NinjaCat investment and register today!

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