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July 25 2017: New Scorecards, Image Annotations, + More

New Features

  • Ability to Add Images to 'Add Notes' view
  • Added Pre-made Widgets
  • Added All Adwords metrics and dimensions to support the following Adwords reports:
    • Account Performance
    • Ad Group Performance
    • Ad Performance
    • Age Range Performance
    • Audience Performance
    • Bid Goal Performance
    • Budget Performance
    • Campaign Performance
    • Destination URL
    • Display Keyword Performance
    • Display Topics Performance
    • Final URL
    • Gender Performance
    • Geo Performance
    • Keywordless Category
    • Keywordless Query
    • Keywords Performance
    • Label
    • Paid and Organic Query
    • Parental Status Performance
    • Placeholder
    • Placeholder Feed Item
    • Placement Performance
    • Product Partition
    • Search Query Performance
    • Shopping Performance
    • URL Performance
    • User Ad Distance
    • Video Performance
  • Facebook Ads API Update - Updated API to new version of API
  • Support for Additional Text Clips:
    • This Month Range
    • Report Start Date
    • Report End Date
  • Support Multiple Metrics for Scorecards

Bug Fixes

  • Action Value: Purchase (Pixel) appearing incorrectly when Filtered by Campaign Name
  • Ad Dimension no longer displays correctly for Adwords
  • Adwords - CostPerConversion_Type cannot be selected
  • Caching of Google Sheet metrics doesn't load data properly
  • Calls since July 13 are appearing on client dashboard out of order
  • Comparison not working for purecars custom facebook conversions
  • Copy and paste widgets should work within a single add-notes session
  • Copy/Paste for pages fails if any page in the template has a blank name
  • Default order for graphs by date dimension should be in ascending order
  • Facebook Ad dimension does not render correctly in PDF
  • Facebook - cost / 10 sec video is incorrect
  • FB Insights - Showing only 4 weeks of data only
  • Gmail Saves' missing from Ad dimension in Adwords
  • Google Sheets Exec Summary - Space in data columns
  • Incorrect error message when no data is returned and some advertisers are not available
  • List of metrics in template editor no longer scrolls up to the top when adding new metrics
  • Monitoring - Budgets/Account/Campaign : Date range too sticky / too aggressive with cache
  • NinjaTrack - Cannot find any area codes in Australia with area code 2
  • Ninjatrack call report - If recording has been clicked on, clicking on any button on the page will replay that recording
  • Non-Aggregate dimension filters not working properly
  • Scorecards display INF or -INF when prev period has a value of 0. Should show N/A
  • Shinobi Bug: Phone Calls (AdWords) Metric is Incorrect When using Account Group Setting in Table
  • Shinobi Reports - Email Address does not allow '+'
  • Template editor does not kick you out when session times out
  • Unable to query more than 10 metrics with Analytics
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