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July 11, 2017: Product Release Notes

New Features:

  • Template Beta updates:
    • New Integrations:  Added support for Instagram Organic, Vendesta
    • Added support for Custom Conversion Pixel IDs in Facebook.  (See How to add Facebook Custom Conversion Pixel IDs
    • Ability to report on account groups using custom fields (See How to report on multiple accounts at once)
    • Allow filtering on non-aggregate dimensions when more than one data source is selected
      It is now possible to report on multiple advertising networks such as Bing, Adwords, Facebook, etc. but to only filter one of those advertising networks with a filter that does not apply to the remaining networks.
    • Custom Fields for Accounts - Create / Edit
      With the addition of custom fields, Agencies can choose to group accounts together based on which value is in a custom field. Custom fields can be configured under the Accounts Tab / Custom Fields

    • Configuration setting added that gives the ability to wrap dimension text in the template editor

    • Added client name to the top of the annotations editor
    • Allow for custom metrics to work when a data source is missing
    • Support for Facebook advanced account settings
      (located under the Accounts tab / Settings / Advanced / Facebook settings)
    • Filters now have a pencil icon to edit the filter:

    • Ability to add a Background colour to the template settings:

Bug Fixes:

  • Audio URLs aren't handled in Call Tracking Provider
  • Changing weekly/monthly schedule time can trigger the report to run
  • Command Center - NinjaTrack Call data - changing date range makes call data disappear
  • NinjaTrack - Shinobi Templates - Call Tracking - support the dimension "Display Name"
  • NinjaTrack recordings - issues with playback and download for some NinjaTrack calls
  • Scorecards - Cost metrics and comparison returns value * 2
  • Shinobi - Facebook really slow on large result sets
  • Shinobi Facebook - Some metrics missing filters



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