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How to report on multiple accounts at once

This article is designed for anyone who wishes to report on multiple accounts from the same advertising network in a single report.

The way to report on multiple accounts would be with the assistance of custom fields. Custom fields can be configured under the Accounts Tab / Custom Fields.   To set up your custom fields so that you can report on multiple accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your Custom Fields
    Start by clicking on the Accounts tab, then on Custom Fields.  Add custom fields as needed:

    Once you have added the custom field, click on the field to manage the values you need for each field. 
  2. Under the account settings for each of your accounts, select the appropriate custom field values
    Click on the Accounts tab, then search and click into the account, then click Settings

    From the account settings screen, scroll down to the Custom Fields section and select the appropriate custom field value for this account. Repeat this step for any other accounts that should also be reported on in this same group.


  3. Create your report template / widgets in our Shinobi Template editor (Templates Beta).  

    (See How to use the Shinobi (BETA) template editor for more details)

  4. Click On the widget where you want to create your roll-up data, then click on the pencil icon to edit your data source.  

  5. Instead of using the grouping of "none" by default, Select the account grouping that you wish to use in this report widget, then click OK
  6. Run your report template for any one of your accounts within that account grouping. Your new widget will now report on the selected account, as well as any other accounts that contain the same value within your "Franchise" grouping. For example, if you selected an account from your "Pizza Pizza" franchise, then this widget will report on all accounts that also have the Franchise value set as Pizza Pizza.
  7. When reporting on account groupings, the dimension "Account" might be a useful tool you can use to create a summary of each account within the grouping, broken out by individual account.




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