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Getting Started - How to use the Shinobi (BETA) template editor

In early June 2017 we implemented a global release of our new template builder. To find the new template editor, click on the Reporting tab, then click Templates (BETA):


The Shinobi template editor designs reports using a page-layout style similar to how you would prepare presentations using tools such as powerpoint. Each widget in your template is sized exactly to fit the space that you wish to fill in the page so that you can have complete flexibility and control over the final look and layout of your client reports.   

To begin creating your first report, click on the blue “Add Template” button from the top-right corner.  You will be given the option to create a report from scratch, or to select a template from a list of starter templates:



Clicking on one of the two options above will bring you to a presentation-style template designer:


Make note of the bottom links in the template editor:  Clicking on submit bug will allow you to report on any issues you come across during the beta.  Click on Submit Idea to tell us your suggestions for future improvements.


The left-hand side of the template editor lists all of the pages that are currently in your report. If you have started a template from scratch, your template will have just one page. You can click on the “Add Page” button to create more pages in your report:


Each Page has a handy label that you can edit for easy reference to find the page you need to edit quickly. Click on the text directly in order to edit the page label:


The bulk of the menu options in the template editor are found on the right hand side of the screen. 



You can hover over each of these buttons and a pop-up label will appear to guide you as to the function of each button:


For more information, see:

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