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Constructing a Data Widget - How to add custom calculated metrics

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New with the Shinobi template beta (located under the tab Reporting - Templates (beta)) is the ability to create your own custom calculated fields to be able to fully support all of your specific client needs in your reports.

  1. Begin by adding a data widget to your template, and add all data sources to your widget that you wish to use in your custom calculated metric.
  2. Click on the "+ Add Custom" button to begin configuring your custom field:

  3. Give your custom calculated metric a name, and select from the "Display As" drop-down to determine how this metric should be displayed in your widget:3.png


  4. Under the "Insert Metric" section, select the data source and the metric that you wish to add to your formula, and click on the "Insert" button to add the metric.4.png


  5. Select the operator that you wish to add between each of your metrics in your formula, and continue to add your metrics that you wish to use in order to create your calculated field:5.png


  6. You can optionally include a constant number in your formula, if desired (add a custom markup per lead, for example), and you can also use the "Row number" as a metric in your formula. The Row Number is an integer numeric value based on the number of rows being included with each custom calculation.7.png

  7. As you continue to add metrics and operators into your custom calculated formula, the formula will be updated as you go. When you are finished building your formula, click "OK" to add it to your data widget.6.png

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