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Customizing a Template - How to change template name and other settings

Under Reporting - Templates (Beta), click on the template to edit or click on the “Add Template” to start a new template.


After you have selected your template to edit or chosen to start a new template, click on the World icon from the template editor screen:


In the right-hand panel, you can now adjust all of the template settings, including:

Change the template name, default date range or turn footers on or off under the Properties tab:


Adjust the default date range of the template - this changes all of the widgets in the template that are using the “Default” date range:



Template Theme and Colors

Under the Theme options, you can adjust the font type of your headers and report text, as well as change the default sizes of all of the headings.



Your template theme can be given a name and saved for future use:


Additional colours in the template are controlled under the graph colors setting for the agency, found under the Setup menu - Agency Settings - White Label - Dashboard Theme:



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