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June 21-22, 2017: Hotfix release

 June 21 2017:

  • Template (Beta) - Doubleclick Campaign Manager Scorecards not pulling data
  • Template (Beta) - Doubleclick campaign Manager data inaccurate without date dimension
  • Template (Beta) - Date Range iframe exceeds window size
  • Facebook dimensions “Campaign Name” was added to aggregate which broke old dimensions + filters
  • Template (Beta) - Bing Ads - ConversionRate metric momentarily broken for some existing templates
  • Template (Beta) - Adset Dimension no longer works in Facebook
  • Template (Beta) - Analytics missing metrics: %Exit / Screenviews


June 22 2017:

  • Template (Beta) - Some metrics set to 0 because of incorrect aggregation
  • Template (Beta) - Call Tracking isn’t calculating start/end date properly
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