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June 19, 2017: Copying Pages/Widgets, New Integration

New Features:

  • Template Beta updates:
  • New Integrations:  Added support in template beta for DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Template Editor - Duplicate Page / Duplicate Widget
    By right-clicking on a widget or page in the new template editor, you can now copy a page or a widget:

    When copying and pasting a page, you can specify whether you want to paste above or below the current selected page:


    To paste a widget into your page, right-click in an empty part of the page to paste in your copied widget:

    Copying and pasting can be used across multiple templates:  Open two templates in separate tabs of your web browser and copy and paste from one template into the new one.  Known limitations:  Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V keystrokes not yet implemented. Drag/Drop not available.
  • New “Row Number” feature:
    You can now specify which row number to start displaying your data results. This is a temporary workaround to give the ability to display data that spans multiple pages / tables.

  • New Date Ranges for Template Builder:
    Added three different ways to add a date range:
    • Quick: Allows for a quick selection of the desired date range for your widget:

    • Relative: Allows for an easy way to select a time frame relative to today’s date:

    • Absolute: Pick the start day and the end day for your widget:

  • New Metrics and Dimensions:
    • Google Adwords: Added Interactions
    • Bing Ads: Full review of Bing Ads API, added all supported metrics and dimensions
    • Keyword: Added Keyword as an option to use for an aggregated dimension for supported data sources.
    • Facebook Ads: Added missing metrics to existing dimensions for Facebook Ads
    • Call Tracking: Added new metrics: missed calls, missed call %, local, ppc and organic conversions.
  • Added warning for too many data sources:
    When reporting on multiple data sources or groups of accounts, API limits can be hit quickly if too many data sources are being reported on while building templates in preview mode. We added a status bar in the template editor so that you will know when the previewed data has been sampled:
  • Added a pop-up confirmation “Are You Sure?” when deleting pages or widgets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Account Command Center not running report when Manual Creation Date is set
  • Added a Dashboard icon while in Accounts tab for mobile users
  • Analytics Bounce Rate & Avg. Session Duration (Shinobi) - total row inaccurate
  • Bing Ads - can't filter by campaign name with some metrics
  • Bing Campaign Dimension missing metrics
  • Bookmarked Dashboard link for CNAMEs gives "Page not Found" error
  • CostPerConversion aggregate metric error with Adwords - Account Groups
  • Datasource with Error - can't edit an advertiser network
  • Facebook Page Insights - Dimensions with no available metrics
  • Facebook Campaign Name filtering with commas now supported
  • Google Sheets - can't handle large sheets
  • Google Sheets - End Date adds a day
  • Google Sheets - When trying to filter by a metric an error is thrown
  • NinjaTrack call record email should send talk time not call duration

  • Preview and PDF Report - Blank pages are not being removed
  • Reports - Annotations - Clicking on "Save" does NOT generate a PDF
  • Safari- Dashboard User- Unable to correctly download a pdf from the dashboard (Shinobi Report Engine)
  • Scorecard - previous year comparison is wrong
  • Scorecards do not always display the correct fontsize in PDF
  • Shinobi Template - Call tracking doesn't work with account groups 

  • Tag dropdown improvements

  • Template (Beta) - Bing Match Type does not populate on chart
  • Template (Beta) - Bing Ads/Facebook Data Source- Inconsistency of data appearing between editor and report
  • Template (Beta) - CTR does not sort when using the Ad dimension for Adwords
  • Template (Beta) - Facebook Ads - Missing Dimensions
  • Template (Beta) - Unable to reorder metrics when using graph widgets
  • White-labelled the “start a new template” page for premium white-labeled agencies
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