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June 8, 2017: Shinobi Template Editor is Here!

New Features:

  • NEW “Shinobi” Template Editor (Beta) including:

    • New Customized dashboards designed with Shinobi editor
    • Scorecard Widgets
    • Aggregated Data across all advertising networks
    • Cross-Account aggregation using configurable custom account groups
    • Custom Calculated Fields
    • Added visuals and graphs for all supported data sources
    • Ability to specify a “default” date range for template widgets
    • Theme management for Graphs and Tables (Verson 1.0)
    • Ability to change font type in reports
    • Ability to switch between graph types with the click of a button
    • Truly WYSIWYG experience, including viewing of live data from connected accounts
    • Ability to create graphs and tables from any supported data integration
    • Supported Integrations:
      • Bing
      • Call Tracking Integrations:
        • CallRail
        • CallSource
        • CallTrackingMetrics
        • Century Interactive
        • ifbyphone
        • LogMyCalls
        • Marchex
        • Mongoose
        • Navis
        • NinjaTrack
        • ResponseTap
        • TruMeasure
      • DoubleClick Bid Manager*
      • Facebook Ads**
      • Facebook Insights
      • Google Adwords
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Sheets
      • Search Console
      • The TradeDesk
      • Twitter Ads
      • Twitter Organic



    • Known Issues and Limitations of Template Beta:
      The following list contains known issues in the template beta that are planned for future development:
      • NinjaCat “Best Practices” starter templates are coming soon!
      • Copying and Pasting of pages and widgets
      • Data cells in tables do not wrap text
      • Long graph labels get cut off and do not wrap text
      • Data tables cannot span multiple pages
      • The Shinobi template editor and reports beta is currently only supported in Chrome browsers.  Additional browser support coming in a future release.
      • *DoubleClick Bid Manager - daily quota on API calls may cause data to disappear from widgets.
      • **Facebook Custom Conversion Pixel IDs are not yet supported in Shinobi
  • NEW "Shinobi" Reports (Beta)

    New with this release is the ability to schedule automated reports created using the new template designer.  We have added the following features to our reports beta:
    • Visual cues to improve workflow, such as colour-coded report status, icons for data sources, details about last modified date, a link for dashboard view (if enabled) and direct download button:

    • Improved ability remove widgets or pages and reposition or resize widgets in the final PDF report. Text widgets can be modified by double-clicking within the widget.
    • Improved ability to find reports - in addition to searching by report name, we have added the ability to search by report status and account owner:
    • Improved report scheduling allows for report schedules to be further customized by number of days/weeks/months including specifying the time of day the report should be run:

    • Added an option to override report dates for all template widgets set to report on the “Default” date range:

    • When emailing to multiple addresses, you can now specify whether you would like ONE email sent to multiple people, or to break out the email and send an email to each individual separately:

    • Automated email subject and body can be customized using dynamic placeholders:

    • Known issues and limitations of Reports Beta
      The following list contains known issues in the reports beta that are planned for future development:
      • Unable to change the run-date of a report
      • Unable to edit data tables and titles of widgets in annotations mode
  • New Customizable Dashboards

    Your client-facing Account Dashboards can now be completely customized and developed using the same template editor you use to build your reports!  To switch your account to the new Shinobi template builder, click on the Accounts tab, click into your account command center, then click on Settings from the top-right corner.  Under the Advanced tab, scroll down to “Report Engine”.  There are three options in this drop-down:
    • Agency: Uses the default for the agency, configured under the agency Setup tab, under “Defaults”
    • Standard: Uses the original legacy dashboards (not customizable)
    • Shinobi: Uses the fully customizable account dashboards directly created from the Shinobi Template Beta (requires a published report from the Reports Beta)

    • To enable reports to be published to the dashboard, click on Reports (Beta), then edit your report settings. Switch “Published to dashboard” to ON:
  • Additional features added:

    • Added the ability to view historical reports for a deleted account
    • Added back the ability to add notes from the Account Command Center
    • Improved search capabilities under Setup - Data Sources

Bug Fixes:

  • Agency dashboard default colors are missing when one or more are defined
  • All email templates are using the ninjacat logo or the agency logo instead of using the header image
  • Annotations - Clicking on the "Add Notes" button changes all dates within the editor to the MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Reports TAB - Actions button cut of on smaller resolutions
  • Centro - can't get report data
  • Command Center - Report - Annotation Issue - Inserting images using the "Browse" button  does not include the image in the view
  • Command Center - Reports - Annotations - Numbered List not rendering properly
  • Command Center-Reports- Add Notes- Links in the downloaded report do not open in a new tab
  • Dashboard - Does not update with change in dashboard theme for existing accounts
  • Data Sources - Unable to edit the description of a search console network
  • FireFox- Reporting-Templates/Reports- Frozen header does not freeze.
  • Gemini - wrong oauth client / key
  • Infinity Call Tracking not processing
  • Legacy Twitter Ads - date consolidation doesn't work
  • Legacy Twitter Ads - Running Multiple Campaigns only pulls data from the first one
  • Matchcraft - can't associate with an account
  • Monitoring -KPIS - Clicking on the last 2 actions cuts of the action menu
  • Monitoring- Ninjatrack - variance in data between DB and UI
  • Multiple Adwords accounts connected to a single advertiser is causing data inconsistencies and confusion
  • Removed "run now" button if template is deleted
  • NinjaTrack - New Advertisers don't send to call events to GA
  • NinjaTrack calls not showing on agency monitoring dashboard.
  • NinjaTrack calls not showing in Monitoring/Accounts under Google
  • NinjaTrack source attribution on manager dashboard is missing
  • Register User - Unable to register a user where a soft delete has been made
  • Reporting- Reports- Horizontal Line- does not render correctly in notes
  • Reporting>Templates - Clicking on "cancel" while modifying any template will take you to the incorrect iframe
  • Reports tab - Reports with a deleted template should not run
  • Setup - Data Sources - Cannot Revoke Google Adwords Token (Error thrown)
  • Setup - Data Sources - Search does not work unless you type in part of the original network name
  • Yahoo Gemini Tokens are timing out after a few hours


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