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May 29 2017: Hotfix Release

Bug Fixes

  • Yahoo Gemini - Corrected an issue with the incorrect API endpoints being used.
    • Important notice for Yahoo Gemini users:  If your Yahoo Gemini tokens were created prior to this release, you will need to revoke and re-create your tokens from the Agency Setup tab. Here are the steps:
      1. Click on your name in the top-right corner, then click Setup - Data Sources
      2. Search “Gemini” then click into your Yahoo Gemini network
      3. Click on the “Revoke Token” option from the top-right corner.
      4. Open a new tab in the same browser window and log in to your Yahoo Gemini account
      5. Go back to NinjaCat and click “Create Token”. When prompted to do so, click the “Allow” button to grant NinjaCat access to your Yahoo Gemini data.
  • Centro - Corrected an issue that was preventing new accounts from being able to report on Centro data
  • Twitter Ads widgets will now correctly consolidate data by day/month/year
  • Twitter Ads widgets will now correctly pull data from all campaigns when filtering widgets by multiple campaign.
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