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May 4, 2017: HotFix Release

Bug Fixes:

  • Accounts dashboard issue with IE 11 resolved
  • Accounts lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Agency now has the ability to update credit card information
  • Agency Settings - White Label - Inputting the incorrect username now gives a meaningful error message
  • Agency User - Reset Password - Second Close button has been removed
  • Broken Networks never clear
  • Call Data for NinjaTrack from Command Center is wrong for number pools
  • Can't save white label settings for new agency due to null SMTP address
  • Cannot add a manager account in some cases
  • Change default access for a new agency users to no accessible accounts
  • Command Center: Close menu when "run report" selected
  • Headers for tables on legacy iframes stay visible while scrolling
  • Increased default row limit to 1000 in Shinobi Templates
  • Infinity Call Tracking Network should now work
  • Issue editing, modifying or deleting a GA / GSC network
  • KPIs section should no longer scroll back to top after clicking on a KPI
  • Log In- Forgot Your Password- email address that doesn't exist cause error
  • Login image styling
  • Monitoring- Fatal Error Message-  appears when selecting monitoring pages
  • Navigation Tabs- Support- Directs User back to Accounts Tab
  • Need to maintain filters between Budgets / Accounts / Campaigns screen
  • NinjaTrack calls not showing in Monitoring/Accounts under Google/Bing/Facebook
  • NinjaTrack Credit - doesn't create a billing transaction
  • Poor error message with duplicate email address
  • Set default budget / pacing
  • Setup-Data Sources- Google Adwords Third party icon not loading
  • Shinobi Reports (beta)- Ran report caused Critical Error
  • Shinobi Templates - Add Custom Facebook Conversions
  • Shinobi Templates - Adwords -> Ad Network Dim, Cost, Cost / All Conv., Cost / Conv, Conversions, All Conversions = error
  • Shinobi Templates - Bing Impression Share/Average Position/Conversion Rate summing instead of avg
  • Shinobi Templates - failed to load preview with Bing widget.
  • Shinobi Templates - Fix Margins
  • Shinobi Templates - Graphs - series per metric - with 2 metrics put second y axis on the right
  • Shinobi Templates - Missing drop shadow from behind the page
  • Shinobi Templates - Need to change the behaviour of filters
  • Shinobi Templates - PDFs cannot be opened in Adobe Reader
  • Shinobi Templates - Pdfs fail to generate if the selected advertiser does not have all data sources
  • Shinobi Templates - Position Metric is not correctly averaged
  • Shinobi Templates - Report generation fails with timeout after 1 minute
  • Shinobi Templates - z-indexes are not correctly expressed in the generated pdf
  • Shinobi Templates -dimension, metric picker not reflecting what is being selected
  • Unable to "Create User" - throws error "expects value other than null"
  • Unable to create a dashboard user that has been deleted.
  • Unable to revoke Bing Token
  • Update Account Settings should delete cache records
  • Users without manage users permission can't change their password
  • When saving adwords advertiser network, description changes in the data source widget
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