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Adding & Managing Users - Inviting an Account Dashboard User

If you would like your clients to have access to their Account Dashboard at any time, you can create a Dashboard User account.

Start by clicking on the “Accounts” tab, then find and click on the name of the account that you wish to give the user access:


After clicking on the account name, click on the “Settings” link from the top-right corner of the account command center:


From the settings menu, click on the “Dashboard” tab:


There are two options to add Dashboard Users.

  1. “Invite User” will send an email invitation to your dashboard user so that they can configure their own password
  2. “Add User” button, which will allow you to pre-define a password for your user. An automatic email will not be sent out with the “Add User” option.


After clicking on the “Invite User” or “Add User” button, enter in the remaining settings to set up your user, then click on the blue button at the bottom to confirm your changes.


Users that have been “invited” to join your dashboard will automatically receive an email, and will show up under the “INVITES” tab:


If an error was made when a user was invited, then the invited user should be deleted and then re-created.  You can also re-send the email invitation by clicking on the “re-send” link.

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