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Account Command Center

When configuring an account, now we have a new command center where you can manage all of the account’s data sources, call tracking numbers and reports all in one centralized location.


To add a new data source, NinjaTrack number or Report, click on the plus sign in the appropriate section:


Clicking directly on a row from the Data Sources, Reports or KPIs section will perform the following default action:

  • Data Source - Edit source
  • Reports - Add Notes / Review report
  • KPIs - View KPI details

For additional actions, click on the “hamburger” icon in the row of the item that you wish to edit:


Doing so will open up a sub menu with additional actions:



  • Delete: Cancel the tracking number and remove it from the account.
  • Edit:  Allows you to edit settings for the call tracking number.
  • Calls: See the call data for calls placed to this tracking number.
  • Exit: Close the menu.



  • Delete: Removes the report from the account.
  • Edit: Review or make changes to the report name, template, schedule, email deployment or advanced settings.
  • Download: Download the latest PDF file that was generated.
  • Template: Modify the template that this report is using.
  • History: View the report history and download previous copies.
  • Add Notes: Review the latest report and add notes and analysis.
  • Run Report:  Grab fresh data from the API and re-create the next period’s report.
  • Exit: Close the menu.


The KPIs widget will appear under the reports tab in the account command center for agencies that have this widget enabled for their account.  To enable KPIs in your account, please contact your account manager.

Clicking anywhere on the row of the KPI will open up the details of the KPI so that you can see more detailed analysis:




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