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Getting Started - Updating the password or token for a data source

If your have already connected to each account your data sources or networks such as Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Search Console, or Twitter, follow these steps to revoke and recreate the password / token for the data source.  

Under the agency Setup tab, click on the “data sources” menu option:



A warning message as shown in the above image will show up any time a network token or password is invalid.

To reset the network token, click on the expired or revoked data source to open up the edit screen:


Click on the “Yes, Revoke it!” button.


In the same browser window but in a second tab, Log in to the network that you wish to reconnect to NinjaCat.  Go back to ninjaCat and click on the Create Token button:


If prompted to do so, click the “Allow” button to grant permission for NinjaCat to access the added data source:


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