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April 25 2014: RESOLVED

April 23 2017 4:00 AM:  Beginning with the release of Shinobi, our nightly job that gathers and collects data to store for agency and client-facing dashboards is running considerably slower than expected.  We are working on diagnosing and correcting this issue as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of this issue may involve client-facing dashboards or agency dashboard numbers not being updated with the previous day's data.

This issue does NOT impact PDF reports. All PDF reports should run as expected and report on complete data.

April 25 2917 2:21 PM: We believe we have identified the source of this issue and are working towards implementing a fix.

April 25 2017 6:33 PM: We have resolved the issue and have re-started the nightly job for April 24th data.  We will be monitoring this job as it progresses.  We expect all dashboards to be fully updated in approximately 4-5 hours time.

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