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Setting Up an Account - Account settings

To change the settings of any of your accounts, from the Accounts tab click on the name of the account to be updated.


This brings you to the Account Command Center where you can connect Data Sources, work with Reports ( Legacy and Shinobi), Change History and NinjaTrack numbers.


From the Account Command Center, clicking on the “Settings” button will open up a new menu with a number of advanced account settings.   



Here you can update details of the account like Company logo, company icon, name and contact details.  You can also assign an account owner from the Accounts tab, and assign custom tags for each account:



Under the Dashboard tab in the Account settings, users can invite dashboard users to access the client-facing dashboards.  To create a dashboard user, click on the “Add Dasuboard User" button:


Users that have accepted your dashboard invitation will show up on under the “Users” tab and users that have just been invited will be under the “Invites” tab.

A valid email address is required in order accept a dashboard invitation.  When a user is invited, an activation link will be sent via email in order for them to accept the invitation and set up a password.


Here you can customize the time zone, date format and currency and for your client’s account.

Call tracking

This is where you will find all of the advanced settings for call tracking for your client:


Campaign Groups

You can add Campaign Groups for use in your Shinobi Reports.  Account level Campaign Groups are currently only available for Shinobi Reports and Dashboards. They are not available to be used in KPIs.  You can filter on Campaign Groups for Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Call Tracking and Facebook Ads




Under the “Advanced” account settings, users can update  Facebook Campaign filters, set Facebook conversion windows and select a primary Facebook conversion action.  Users can also update SEO, establish Budgets, and select the Report Engine. 




Under the “Margins” account settings, users can update Margins for a Data Source.


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