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Agency Settings

Agency settings can be accessed from the user profile menu from the top right corner -- select the option “Setup”.  



This will bring up a secondary menu with the following options:


*Please note that only managers with appropriate permissions will be able to access these menu options.

Data Sources

Here you can manage and connect all of the advertising networks for your agency. To add a new network, click on the blue “Add Network” button near the top-right corner.

You are now able to see the status of all of the connected networks and whether or not there may be an issue with the account token:


A status with a green check mark means everything is connected properly.   An error message will display for any tokens that have been expired or that fail to connect to the data source.


Manage all of your account managers here.  To add new managers, click on the “Add user” button to invite a new user.  An invited user must have a valid email address in order to join, and an activation email will be sent to the user in order to set up their account.  

Activated users will appear under the “Users” sub-menu. You can see when the last time a user has logged in from the Users” sub-menu:


A user that has been invited but not yet activated their account will be under the “Invites” sub-menu.   You can re-send an activation email by clicking on the “Invites” tab and then click on the mail icon under the “Resend” column:


Agency Settings


Default localization and NinjaTrack settings can be set at the agency level. This will only impact the default setting that is selected when a new account is being added and will not affect any existing account.

White Label

Default agency colour themes, logos and SMTP settings can be configured under the white label section in the agency setup.

Email Templates

Here you can configure email templates for the three types of automatic emails that are sent out by our system, the invitation email sent to new client-facing dashboard users, an invitation email for account managers and agency users, and a third email template for reports.


This is the Agency Margin settings and provides the default value for all accounts in the system. This should be a number between 0 and 1 and represents the percentage of spend that your agency charges. To find your margin, divide your gross profit by revenue.



NinjaTrack default settings can be managed from this section.  This is also where you can find NinjaTrack billing information.

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