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March 7 2017: Product Release Notes

Feature Requests

  • New TradeDesk Date Parameters
    • Added “Last 365 Days” as an option under “Range” for the TradeDesk widget
    • Note: this report will be very slow if this range is be used

Bug Fixes

  • Left-justify Campaign, Ad group and creative columns in TTD widget
    • In PDF tables from TTD widgets, we are now left-justifying the following table properties:
      • Campaign
      • Ad Group
      • Creative
  • Deleted Matchcraft Network
    • Matchcraft networks are now able to be removed from the networks tab.
  • NinjaTrack - tracking source “YouTube” is lost on “Manage Number”
    • If a NinjaTrack number was tracking the source YouTube and a user entered the “Manage Number” screen to make changes, the source YouTube was de-selected and needed to be re-enabled before saving the number.  This no longer happens.
  • Tradedesk network is not saving in network settings on client creation
    • Upon a new client creation, if TTD network was selected, this setting was not being saved with the addition of the new client. This has been corrected.
  • NinjaTrack Default for Google - Paid source is inconsistent to Dynamic Pool Tracking
    • All paid sources for Google are now being saved as “Google - Paid”  NinjaTrack Call Data.
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