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March 15 2017: Important notice for DialogTech / ifbyphone Users

DialogTech has recently upgraded their API to 64 bit encryption. If your agency is using DialogTech/ifbyphone call tracking, then in order to continue to report on DialogTech/ifbyphone phone calls, you will need to generate a new API key and update this information in your NinjaCat account before May 1st 2017. Step-by-step instructions follow; it shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes. If you have any questions we're here to help at support@ninjacat.io; DialogTech support can be reached at support@dialogtech.com. 

1. Login to the DialogTech Portal. Navigate to Developer Tools -> Building Block IDs.

2. Click on the link ‘Access Key Manager.’

3. To generate your new key, click ‘Generate Key’ located in the top left of the Access Key Manager.

4. In the box that opens, add 'NInjaCat' so you can identify where the key will be used and then click ‘Generate Key.’

5. The next window contains both an ‘Access Key’ and a ‘Secret Key’.  Make sure to copy both keys and save them somewhere safe. You will require both of the keys within NInjaCat. Once the window is closed, you will not be able to access your Secret Key again.

6. Log into your NinjaCat account (myppcreports.com).

7. Navigate to the 'Networks' tab and find your current ifbyphone network. 

8. Cut/paste the Access Key and Secret Key obtained in step 5 into the appropriate input fields (you will be over-writing what is currently in the Access Key input field)

9. To the right of the input fields, click on Action -> Save Changes

10. Smile! That wasn't so bad - right?! To test that your new API key is successful, the day after you update the API go to the NInjaCat dashboard of a client with an active DialogTech/ifbyphone account. Select a client who has lots of calls every day. Go to the 'Calls' tab. If you see calls for the prior day (e.g. the day you updated the API) then you're in good shape!

Don't procrastinate! Be sure to take care of this prior to May 1st to ensure no disruption to your client reports and dashboards. Thanks!

More details on this API upgrade can be found here: https://support.dialogtech.com/dialogtech/topics/api-key-manager-jumpstart

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