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Feb 21 2017: New Calls by Source Trending Graphs

New Features:

  • New NinjaTrack report widget - Trending Graph on Calls by Source
    • NinjaTrack Calls By Source widget can now consolidate by day/week(Mon-Sun)/month as well as having the ability to show a pie graph and line-sources over time graph

    • The Phone Call Report widget within Call Tracking Widgets has also been updated to consolidate by week and by month.  The total number of calls are listed in the graph for each consolidation point:

  • New Client Settings: Separate Margin for Adwords, Bing and Facebook
    • You can now specify a different margin setting for Adwords, Bing or Facebook Ads.  This setting can be found in the Client Settings under “Margins”:

    • If a client account already had a margin setting, the same value is now copied to both AdWords and Bing Ads
    • If said client belonged to one of the 7 or so agencies with Facebook Ads margins enabled, this same value was also copied to the Facebook Ads margin; for everyone else, Facebook Ads margin is zero
    • The above settings do not affect any KPIs.
  • New Export feature for Budget Pacing Screen (Including Historical)
    • The Agency Dashboard data can now be exported with a new Export button from the Budget pacing Agency dashboard screen:

  • Adwords API update

Bug Fixes

  • NinjaTrack bug - calls not showing on agency dashboard
    • Client and Agency dashboards are now correctly matching the number of calls:


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