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Next Generation NinjaCat: Sneak Peak Webinar

Get a sneak peek of NinjaCat “Shinobi"
The Game Changing Release You Have Been Waiting For.

On February 22 we hosted a webinar to share with you a sneak-peak of Project Shinobi, the next generation of NinjaCat.  

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  • Drag and drop report designer? Oh yeah..the best in the world!!
  • Custom Dashboards? Affirmative. 100% customizable
  • Real-time Data Previews? Yup. No more waiting.
  • Custom Chart Builder? Yes. Only limit is your imagination!
  • Data Aggregation? Uh-huh. Across ANY channel.
  • Custom Calculated Fields? Yuppers...even cross-channel calculations.
  • Fancy New Designs? So fancy even Iggy Azalea can't handle it.
  • New Integrations? More than you can handle.
  • New Workflows? Wait till you see the "Client Command Center"
  • Optimization Tools? You will be calling us optimus prime.
  • Billing Module? This cat will get you made AND paid. 
  • Change History? You are changing history. We can prove it.


Kick back and enjoy the show!  If you have additional comments or questions, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. 

Watch on Demand


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