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Feb 21 2017: Google Adwords Converted Clicks vs. Conversions

Converted Clicks have been deprecated in Adwords since September, 2016: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6372468?hl=en.

On March 1 2017, Adwords will be removing Converted Clicks from the API so the metric will no longer be available for reporting purposes.

On Feb 21 2017 we made a change to our system so that all of the converted click language in the agency and client settings pages have been removed. The template builder, however, has not yet been updated so "converted clicks" will still appear as an option in your templates. The reason for this is that many agencies only used converted clicks and do not have "conversions" enabled in their templates.

As of Feb 21 2017, when the PDF generator sees converted click metrics, it automatically uses the conversion metrics instead. If both converted clicks and conversions are enabled, only one will be used (e.g., both 'cost / conv.' and 'cost / conv. click' enabled in the template results in just 'cost / conv.' in the report).

None of the labels for converted clicks were changed, so PDFs run on Feb 20 and Feb 21 should still agree across the board (outside of the conversions numbers changing in aggregate views). For instance, when using 'converted clicks', the numbers are pulled from 'conversions' now, but the labels in the table and graph are still 'converted clicks'.

Reports that were run on or around Feb 20 2017 may show inconsistent data and might need to be re-run.

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