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Feb 14 2017 Release: Centro Integration

New Features:

  • Centro DSP Integration
    Agencies can now add and report on their Centro network, and a new Centro widget is now available in the template builder:

  • New AdWords Conversion Type Widget
    • There is now a new widget titled “Conversion Segmenter” within Google Adwords Widgets section.
    • The conversion and revenue-based metrics are derived from the chosen conversion types ('all conversions' and 'cost / all conv.' are not affected by this)
    • The campaign and ad group filters only work when said metrics are enabled in the table, otherwise they are ignored
    • The Conversion by Type metric will expand into multiple columns, one per conversion type

  • NinjaTrack: Add Client Name to Notifications
    • By popular request, we have changed the subject line of NinjaTrack daily email notifications to include the Client name.
  • NinjaTrack Executive Summary - Tracking Number filtering is now supported

  • NinjaTrack: Email Notification Thresholds
    • A  new setting has been added to client’s Call Tracking Settings section which, when enabled, will only send NinjaTrack notifications to clients if the call qualifies to be counted as a call conversion.  A call that counts as a “conversion” is one that meets the call conversion threshold and which is unique within the conversion period.


Bug Fixes

  • Phone Calls are now correctly listed on agency dashboards
      • On the agency dashboard under the Account listings, phone calls will now be listed under the phone calls column for each client.
  • The TradeDesk: Missing Conversions
      • We now have PV = Post View and PI = Post Impression conversions
  • The TradeDesk: Unable to run a report for a back date
    • Now we are able to correctly reference the run-date of a report when you back-date the report under advanced settings
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