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Feb 8 2017 Release: NinjaTrack Executive Summary!

New Features:

  • NinjaTrack Phone Calls Widget

    A new executive summary widget is now available for NinjaTrack calls that supports the following metrics:

    This creates an executive summary that can break down the phone calls to give a comprehensive picture of all of your phone conversions for the month:

  • Google Sheets Executive Summary - Spacers (aka blank cells)

    We now allow for spaces in the Google Sheets Executive Summary:


  • Enhancements to Google Sheets widget:
    • You can now specify which columns to include in your Google Sheets table by specifying the name of the headers you wish to include in your table:


  • Twitter organic - new filter for executive summary (retweets)
    • Added the filter  “Include Retweets” metric to the Twitter Organic Summary widget


  • Facebook Social Media Posts Data
    • Clients connected through the Facebook Insights network have access to a new Facebook Posts reporting widget:

  • New NinjaTrack Updates
    • Adding settings for weekly / monthly digest - advertisers can now receive a daily, weekly and monthly digest
    • If a call is 1 second or shorter in duration we will not include a call recording
    • We have a new advertiser setting to not send notifications (SMS or Email) if a particular call is under the Conversion Threshold.

    • To facilitate HIPAA compliance, we have a new advertiser setting to anonymize caller data in NinjaTrack. If set - dashboards, PDF and NinjaTrack reports will not display caller number, name or address information.  You can find this setting under the Client’s tab -- Call Tracking Settings:


Bug Fixes

  • NinjaTrack - Purchases 2 NinjaTrack numbers instead of 1
      • Previously when you selected 2 different sources and went to the next tab to select the numbers, went back to uncheck one of the sources, then go to the next tab you ended up purchasing 2 NinjaTrack numbers with one having no source associated to it.

  • The Trade Desk campaigns with zero impressions now respect the “zero-impressions” template filter.
  • Fixed Twitter RT numbers in Twitter Organic - Top Tweets widget
  • Removed Network column from aggregated data in Campaign Performance widget 


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