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Jan 24 2017 Release: New Adroll integration

  • Adroll Integration
    • New AdRoll Widget that includes both the AdRoll Table and the AdRoll Executive Summary. 

  • Campaign Filtering

    Campaign filtering in adwords is improved with new functionality:
    • Currently this is only available for the AdWords Widgets as well as the PPC Executive Summary Widget.
    • the AdWords API does not support “contains” or “does not contain” against multiple phrases so only the first valid entry is chosen.
  • Google Analytics “Top Goal Completions” Widget
    • unlike the others, you now can have all 20 goal completions enabled!
    • For the list you do have enabled, it will get the total number of completions for each and sort them in a table from most to least.

  • Adwords Phone Call Details Report
    • Within the Google AdWords Widgets you will now find a “Phone Call Metrics” widget that has the capability of displaying the Start Time, End Time, Status, Duration, Caller Area Code, Call Type, Call Source, Campaign, and Ad Group.


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