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NinjaCasts: PPC & Social Webinar

Effectively and effortlessly communicate the value you’re delivering across PPC and Social engines such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo/Gemini, Facebook and Twitter.

Meets: 2nd Wednesday of every month @ 1:00pm ET

Nov 9 2016

Display vs. Search: Tips and techniques for telling the best story across search and display campaigns. <Available on Demand>

Dec 14 2016

Facebook: Report on Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads including various action types such as video views, leads and custom conversion pixels. <Available on Demand>

Jan 11 2017

Filtering Fun: Leverage filtering to tell your brand vs. non-brand story, or performance by region.
<Available on Demand>

Feb 8 2017

Client Dashboards: Best practices for establishing dashboard access and communicating credentials to your clients, including how to provide access to multiple client dashboards (e.g. for a franchise GM). <Available on Demand>

Mar 8 2017

PPC 101: If you’re just getting started with NinjaCat, this webinar will provide a great overview for creating a “best practice” PPC report.<Available on Demand>

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