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NinjaCasts: SEO Webinar

Craft the “story” that best articulates your search engine optimization efforts.

Meets: 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 1:00pm ET

Nov 16 2016

Leveraging Segments: Segments in Google Analytics allow you to isolate and analyze subsets of data so you can examine and respond to the component trends in your business. Learn how to leverage those segments in your NinjaCat reports.
<Available on Demand>

Dec 21 2016

Multiple Analytics Accounts: Include data from more than one Google Analytics profile in your clients’ reports. For example, two profiles within the same account to relay how their main site and blog is performing.  Or two profiles from entirely different accounts to provide a summary across multiple franchises. <Available on Demand>

Jan 18 2017

Google Search Analytics: How many Google searches show your client’s site? Incorporate Google Search Analytics data into your NinjaCat report to inform your client where their organic search traffic is coming from and what search queries are most likely to show their site. <Available on Demand>

Feb 15 2017

Analytics 101: An overview of all the analytics and SEO widgets available for your templates and how to leverage each one to create the perfect report for your client! <Available on Demand>

Mar 15 2017

Data Sampling: Learn how to spot when sampling is occurring in your Analytics/SEO NinjaCat reports, why it’s happening and tricks for avoiding it. <Available on Demand>

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