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Call Tracking Basics - NinjaCasts: NinjaTrack Call Tracking Webinar

Leverage NinjaTrack to get credit for all the phone leads your marketing campaigns are driving and retain more clients!

Nov 2 2016

Overview: Learn how fast and easy it is to set up call tracking on the platform designed specifically for agencies. <Available on Demand>

Dec 7 2016

Reporting: Master the ins and out of internal and client-facing call tracking reporting. <Available on Demand>

Jan 4 2017

Integrating with Google Analytics: Effortlessly pass calls to from NinjaTrack to Google Analytics as both events and goals.
<Available on Demand>

Feb 1 2017

Keyword Level Tracking: Fine tune your PPC strategy by figuring out which ads and keywords are working best. <Available on Demand>

Mar 1 2017

Campaign Filtering: Determine which marketing campaigns are most effective at driving calls so you know exactly where to optimize and spend your budget. <Available on Demand>

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