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Blank Report - Running a Year-to-date Report on January 1st

Reports are often generated showing performance progress data for the year by using the date range "This Year" to show all year-to-date data.

This will produce a comprehensive report of an overview of the year when running the report up to and including December 31.  However, when this report is run on the 1st of January, the date range "This Year" will produce a completely blank report or a report that is missing tables.

One solution would be to make a copy of your report and change all "This Year" date ranges to be "Last Year". This will produce the same comprehensive report when running it on the 1st of the new year.  The problem with this solution is that the date range "Last Year" will not show any data from this year, so it is most useful in January but then becomes less useful from February forward. 

The recommended solution to report on monthly trends for a period of time prior to the run-date is to use the date range "last X months" (for example, last 13 months). This will always report on the same number of months prior to the date of the report so the same meaningful data will be generated for any run date.

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