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Zapier, getting your data into NinjaCat

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Mailchimp, Twitter, Hubspot and Sheets). This helps you use complementary apps side-by-side!

With NinjaCat we will be using Zapier to setup Zaps to Google Sheets or directly to NinjaCat through our Zapier Integration. The goal is to get data from other 3rd party App's or API's we don't yet integrate with.

First, you set up a Zap.

A Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. In words, a Zap looks like this:

"When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B."

The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action.

Zapier is setup by creating Triggers and Actions:

  • Triggers - are events that start off a Zap, triggers are specified in the source app from which you wish to pull data.
  • Actions - are events that complete a Zap, actions are specified in the app to which you wish to import data.

Some Zapier Zaps include:

  • Mailchimp
  • Twitter
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedn
  • Vimeo


More information:

See Zapier.com for more information, to setup an account and create Zaps

How to add a Zapier Network



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