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Issues with DialogTech API (IfByPhone)

On November 4th many of our clients accessing DialogTech's API received this notice from DialogTech:

"In response to the many recent threats in the cyber-security space, we are enhancing DialogTech's API and application security. With this security update, we have temporarily disabled the Reporting API access associated with your account. No data is impacted, however, you will need to update the API key currently in use to obtain reporting information from DialogTech outside of your account's UI."

If you are experiencing difficulties with your IfByPhone (DialogTech) call tracking data, please locate your new API Key and update your ifbyphone network. 

Updating ifbyphone (DialogTech) API

  1. Click on the Networks tab in NinjaCat and select  Ifbyphone, click on the Add Network Account button
  2. ifbyphone (dialogtech) requires you to provide your API Token/Access Key to NinjaCat for integration. To find your dialogtech API Token/Access Key, follow these steps:
    • Log into your dialogtech account
    • Go to the Integrations page of your account
    • You will find your API Token/Access Key
  3. Copy and paste your API Access Key into the designated areas under the Password/Tokens column of your NinjaCat Networks tab and click "Save"

As always, if you are still having difficulties, click on the "Live chat" button from within NinjaCat or send an email to support@ninjacat.io.

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